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Preparing For Summer Home Maintenance

Stay on top of your home with these preventive measuresToday we are going to explore the best practices for identifying areas of your home that need to be addressed immediately and the best ways to prevent your home from future damage.After the winter we just had – we now have to prepare for the summer storm season.  I know – we’ve just come through the long cold winter – after all our last winter storm was in late April.  In the summer, different areas of your home need to be inspected and maintained so that you’re prepared for the wild storms that hit as least once per summer.

Areas of your home to checkHere are a few areas that could be minor problems hiding in your home, just waiting to become major issues.If you’re willing to take matters into your own hands, here is a list of the areas in your home that should undergo a thorough investigation:
Heating and air conditioning systems
Electrical systems
Insulation – in the roof, the attic, the walls or floors
Walls, ceilings, and floors – for moisture or water damage
Windows and doors
Foundation, basement, and structural components – for cracks and water damage
If you happen to have a copy of an old home inspection report on your home, it would be great to update it with notes as you check your home.